Our  Services

Simplified Leadership offers a wide array of services to fit the specific needs of you and your business. Our training is designed to empower your team and help them feel more in control. We are laser-focused on supporting both you and your team to make sure everyone feels confident in the leadership of your business. 


Simplified Leadership Academy (SLA)

The SLA is our most comprehensive leadership transformation approach. This 6 month program will help any leader to navigate change and challenge within their business. The program features 6 enlightening group workshops and 6 personal coaching calls. Each month, participants will engage with incredible content alongside peers in a worshop setting. Later that month, this will be followed up with a coaching call to craft a real-world implementation plan. All participants will also recieve a perspective-shifting Leadership 360 assessment that offers a realistic view of how they currently show up at work, or rather how their colleagues and peers perceive them as a leader. The academy's combination of feedback, content, and application creates the optimal atmosphere for leadership shifts and real progress.  The ALA is available to be done on-site at your place of business OR members of your team can join us for our off-site sessions. 



On-Site Workshops and Training

We also offer 2-hour, 3-hour, and full-day workshops for your team that cover a large variety of topics. The content in these sessions draws from our simplified leadership concepts, but at a different level of complexity from our Applied Leadership Academy. In these sessions, life-changing concepts are presented in a fun and engaging manner to allow for teams to engage and grow together. 


Continued Leadership Coaching and Development 

 Once a client enters a partnership with Simplified Leadership, they become part of our client community forever. We are in the business of helping people actualize their leadership dreams. For clients who wish to continue beyond our training packages, we offer next-level coaching to continue their growth trajectory. We also offer clients a wide range of people-based consulting services including succession planning, internal leadership development plans, and leadership transition support.